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Social Media Content Management

Creative ideas for content and execution  HOW MORE WORK […]

Digital Advertising Expertise

Expertise in different advertising channels, such as Fa […]

KOL (Influencer) Marketing

Strong KOLs network and select the best of the best rep […]

SEO Services

Boost your website ranking, get high traffic volume key […]

Consultancy & Strategy

Professional marketing consultancy and strategy plannin […]

WhatsApp Marketing

Direct WhatsApp implement to your website for potential […]

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你問我答: 在 Social Media 上應該做抽水 Post 嗎?

每次網絡世界有大事發生,大家都會於 Social Media 上見到大小專頁的抽水 Post ,例如去年年底消 […]

2019 年增加 Facebook 互動研究報告出爐!

我們之前預測過,2019 年 Facebook 仍然會是社交平台的霸主 ,意味著不管你喜不喜歡,Faceboo […]

Facebook廣告如何排除菲傭、印傭或外籍人士? (2019年更新版)

在香港進行 Facebook 推廣時,其中一個最常遇到的問題就是有大量菲傭、印傭姐姐讚好帖文,導致推廣預算花在 […]

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